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Brad’s Beat April update (Digital Downloads and Payment Processes)

Hello friends and colleagues. I am excited to announce that is now live on the web. You are likely aware of this since you are reading my updated post. The site is now running as scripted and we are able to take payments and send digital downloads. The SSL certificate has been activated and our Merchant Services Company “TSYS” has taken steps to comply with all of the safety and privacy components that are involved when credit card payments are processed on the web. If you are ready to make a purchase we are ready to serve you.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions using my mailbox.

Sincerely, Brad


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Brad’s Beat April

BLB Studios is open!

Dear Readers,


You may have noticed that the BLB Studios website has been static since November of 2016.  Some big changes have been in the works!  The site is being rebuilt to offer digital downloads of my animated teaching materials.  Beginning this month you will be able to view complete animated demonstrations of the ten digital downloadable titles that are initially being offered at  If you desire to order one or more of these animated titles you will have instant access to the product, using the digital download option.

If you prefer to receive your titles as hardcopy DVD’s that option will also be available to you. All instrument and hardcopy DVD orders will be fulfilled from the Fort Worth, Texas warehouse of our business partner Rhythm Band Instruments. Please allow two to four weeks for any hardcopy DVD’s or instruments that you order from the BLB Studios website.

During the next few months at, I will be blogging about the many exciting lessons, games, and activities that help beginning musicians see, hear, and play their Bells, Boomwhackers, and assorted classroom instruments.

The most powerful teaching tool that I discovered during my thirty-four years as a public school elementary music educator was animated instruction. Through my concept based animations I was able to focus student attention on the exact point of instruction. Animated instruction helped me lead my beginning musicians to skill mastery at a much faster pace than I could achieve with traditional methodologies.

For a brief overview of the current animated programs that are offered by BLB Studios check out the video below.

As the spring term moves towards summer I wish you and your students the best experiences in making music together. We are pleased to welcome you to the new updated BLB Studios website!

Bradley L. Bonner, M.Ed.,
President, BLB Studios